Ancient Man in Zimbabwe



Post Independance

Timeline of Zimbabwe History

700AD - Arabian and Persians trade with ivory, rhino horn, gold, shells and slaves
1000 AD - the Shona people began their rule and built a city called Zimbabwe
1400s - the Karanga branch of the Shona established the Mwanamutapa Empire
1500's - the Rowzi branch rebelled and formed the Changamire Empire
1500s - Christianity was introduced by the Portuguese explorers
1830s Nguni people from the south defeated the empire
1800-1900's - European slave traders establish coastal ports for the increasing traffic in slaves destined for the Americas
The slaves were emancipated in the 1830's
1888 Lobengula, the ruler, signed an agreement that granted mineral rights to the British South African Company
1893 - The British South African Company occupied the region and called the territory Rhodesia
1897 - Great Britain recognized southern and northern Rhodesia as separate territories
1923 Southern Rhodesia became a self-governing British Colony
1953 Great Britain set up the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, which included the territories of Southern and Northern Rhodesia
1963 - The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was dissolved
1964 - Northern Rhodesia became Zambia
1964 - Southern Rhodesia became known as Rhodesia
11 November 1965 Prime Minister, Ian Smith, declared Rhodesia independent. Great Britain declared this action illegal and banned trade with Rhodesia
1966 The United Nations imposed sanctions on Rhodesia
1969 A new constitution was introduced to prevent black Africans from ever gaining control of the government
2 March 1970 Rhodesia declared itself a republic
1970-1974 Civil War between government troops and black guerrillas
1977-1979 Prime Minister Smith began to make plans to establish a new government with a majority of black leaders
April 1979 - Election resulted in a majority of black leaders
April 1979 - Abel T. Muzorewa became the first black Prime Minister
31 May 1979 - Zimbabwe proclaimed independence
1 June 1979 - The nation of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, was formed
18 April 1980 - Great Britain recognized the country's independence and Rhodesia's name was officially changed to Zimbabwe
February 2000 - In a referendum held Zimbabwe voters rejected a new constitution which included provisions that called for redistribution of white-owned farmland to blacks