There are around 20 different languages spoken in Zimbabwe today; English being the official. Here are the more frequently spoken languages.

  • Dombe: Spoken in Western parts of Zimbabwe Bullhorn.jpg
  • Fanangalo: used mainly in Market places or towns near mining in the South of Zimbabwe
  • Hietshware:
  • Kalanga: Spoken along the Batswana border.
  • Kunda: Mwazam'tanda River Region.
  • Manyika:Manicaland Province and surrounding areas.
  • Nambya: Spoken in the southwest regions.
  • Shona: This is considered the most used african language in Zimbabwe. It's used throughout the the whole country.
  • Tsonga: Spoken in the south east.
  • Tswa: Spoken in the South.
  • Venda: Along the South African border.
  • Zimbabwe Sign Language: This is obviously not "spoken" but is used around Zimbabwe for the deaf.


the Shona religion is explained Here. the Shona make up about 82 % of the population
They make up about 14%
Other: 4%