Physical Geography


Map from "Country Information Of The World"


Zimbabwe lies in the southern tip of Africa with Zambia to its north and South Africa to the south. The Countries coordinates are 20 00 S 30 00 E. Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, is in the northern region of the country.

Major Landforms

Along Zimbabwe's eastern border, the Inyanga and Udizi mountains. That is where the lowest point


(the intersecting points of the Save and Runde River at 531 ft below sea level) and the highest point (Inyangani at 8530 ft above sea level) are found. But most of the country is elevated on the Mafungabusa Plateau. There are also numerous valleys along the many rivers and their tributaries and escarpments along the Zambezi River.

Bodies Of Water

There are five major bodies of water in Zimbabwe. In the north, the Zambezi River not only creates a border it creates Victoria falls. Other Bodies of water include the Save River, Mazoe River , and Runde River.

The Effect of Geography

Because of the different altitudes, rivers, and the mountain range, different languages and dilects have formed.