Unfortunately, the declaration of independence did not in any way end Zimbabwe's problems. In 1999, the land distribution issues which independace promised to solve were brought up. ZANU-PF claimed that whites made up less than 1% of the population and still held 70% of the country's arable land. Although this fact was widely disputed from many sources, Mugabe began seizing the land from the white farmers and redistributing the land to blacks in 2000. The legality and constitutionality were questioned by many Zimbabwean High and Supreme Courts, the policing agencies rarely listened. The chaotic changing of lands has led to a sharp decline in agricultural profits and has had a great impact on the incredible decline of the economy. In 2005, following the elections, the government issued "Operation Murambatsvina." The operation was an effort to crack down on illegal markets and homes that had seen slums emerge in towns and cities. Many people condemn the action saying that it left a "substantial section of the urban poor homeless." The government claims that they are attempting to provide better housing for the population. However, they have not yet provided housing for the people forcibly removed from their homes leaving an estimated 700,000 people homeless.. The current situation is described by some to be the "country's worst humanitarian crisis since independance." Another problem that faced the country was with the 2008 elections. The canidate for the Movement For Democratic Change (MDC-T), Morgan Tsvangiran, was known to have the most seats. However, Mugabe still retained control and will remain in control for an extended time thanks to a new law which extends his term in office. Famine, disease, homelessness, widespread violence, inflation rates well over 1000%, and a jobless rate of over 80% all work together to form a bleak picture for Zimbabwe's future. However, despite all of these issues, Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have come together to reach a power agreement. While Mugabe still remains president, Tsvangirai became Prime Minister. It is hoped that this combination and the coming together of the opposing groups will help to turn the future of Zimbabwe around.

Morgan Tsvangirai