Indigenous Beliefs: In Shona and Ndebele religions a Supreme Being is seen as the creator. They believe that Shona Mwari or Ndebele uMlimu are a part of their everyday lives. They communicate with Mwari through vadzimu or uMlimu through amadhlozi.

Christianity: Believe in God as a creator and keeper. Jesus was their prophet. In Zimbabwe there is a rising degree of self rule by previously mission guided churches. There are two main branches of Christianity in Zimbabwe, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

Syncretic: Syncretic is a mix of Inigenous beliefs and christianity. They are commonly known as African Christians. Believe that Jesus is a universal mudzimu.

Islam: Muslims believe in Allah or a supreme being who is the creator. They see Muhommad as their savior. They also believe in submission to Allah.