Zimbabwe's population is fleeing the country. Millions are running scared from the border because of the political unrest within the country. People do not have many of the freedoms. Many are asaulted by police for disagreeing with the government. These people mostly flee to Zimbabwe's neighbor, South Africa. Others go to Botswana.

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Most of the refugees that escape to Zimbabwe are from the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. They come to Zimbabwe looking for relief of war, persecution, and violence. However, there are so many in the camps that it's hard to meet their needs. Rations can only be spread so thin. Many go hungry and die in camps.


Ivory is one of the most valuable items on the Zimbabwe black market. It comes from the horns of black rhinos and tusks of african elephants. Zimbabweans who are desparate for money often poach these animals and then take the ivory for sale. They get a great price for it from the chinese who use it in their medicines.